Vecdor Nano-Clear® Wipe-On Nanocoating

Released January 7, 2013

Nanovere introduces a wipe-on clear nanocoating that exceeds automotive OEM specifications. The product, named Vecdor Nano-Clear®, has the ability to permanently restore original color, gloss and surface hardness back into oxidized textured plastics, highly oxidized fiberglass and highly oxidized paint surfaces while reducing surface maintenance by 60%.

Nano-Clear® forms a highly-crosslinked, dense film with extreme scratch resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance, remarkable flexibility and self-cleaning properties including water, oil, ice and brake-dust repellency.”

The application potential for Nano-Clear® Wipe-On nanocoating includes automotive textured plastics, aluminum and steel wheels, tires, oxidized paint surfaces including heavy duty equipment, boat hulls, aluminum siding, outdoor metal furniture, air conditioner housings, etc. 


  • 53% higher scratch resistance: 4H pencil hardness
  • 476% higher chemical resistance over nearest competitor: 500+ MEK rubs
  • 60% reduced surface maintenance: water, oil and ice repellency
  • 94% gloss retention even after 5 years


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