Photoacoustic Gas Monitor INNOVA 1314i

Released October 25, 2012

The new Innova 1314i Series photoacoustic gas monitor from LumaSense Technologies, Inc. is for industrial manufacturers to continuously monitor and improve process efficiencies.  It measures a wide range of gases and vapors offering new interfaces for easy PC connection and remote gas analysis to improve process efficiency

The new interfaces of the photoacoustic gas monitoring solution enable users to connect their gas monitoring system via either USB (to connect the monitor directly to a PC) or via Ethernet for remote control to reduce, eliminate and prevent process inefficiencies.

The measurement system of the Innova 1314i is based on the photoacoustic infrared (IR) detection method capable to measure almost any gas that absorbs infrared light. LumaSense’s new gas analyzer can be used in a wide range of applications such as photoacoustic spectroscopy for monitoring gases and vapors (IR-based spectrometer), process quality control measurements to trace impurities in pure gas production, occupational health and safety measurements of possible production or accumulation of toxic/carcinogenic substances in working areas, monitoring of ethanol content in vehicle exhausts, monitoring of NH3 and N2O and others, or emission monitoring of exhausts from chemical processes, NH3 in stacks, scrubber efficiency and filter break-through.

For sequentially monitoring air samples from up to 24 different locations, Innova 1314i is expandable with one or more Innova 1309 Multipoint Sampler using the 7860 LumaSoft™ Gas software for multi-point gas monitoring. In addition to the new interfaces, an OPC server (included within the 7860 LumaSoft™) offers easy access to the latest gas measurement on any PC. The instrument requires no consumables, very little regular maintenance and minimum calibration. Excellent gas selectivity without interference from water vapor and other gases is achieved through the use of optical filters. The 1314i provides detections limits typically in the ppb range without any interference from temperature and pressure fluctuations. High reliability of measurement results is ensured by regular, automatic self-tests.
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