Encoder for Heavy Duty Environments

Released August 15, 2013

Leine & Linde Drive-CliQ Encoders

Leine & Linde launches their DRIVE-CLiQ on an encoder platform that is designed for long life operation in harsh drive environments where they are exposed to powerful vibrations, shocks and mechanical loads. This means the new DRIVE-CLiQ encoder can easily be installed to the motor mechanics typically found in heavy duty applications like paper mills, steel plants and cranes, without any adaptation needed.

DRIVE-CLiQ is Siemens’ new communication protocol for motor feedback in a SINAMICS drive system. It is an Ethernet-based interface for connection of different kinds of components, like motors, frequency converters and encoders. Leine & Linde is the first producer to implement the DRIVE-CLiQ interface on a heavy duty encoder platform.

Leine & Linde’s DRIVE-CLiQ encoder is designed for transfer of both position and speed data over the same protocol. The scanning generates absolute position data, which means that each step of the turn is represented by a unique code — both single-turn for the exact position of the shaft, and multi-turn for the number of full revolutions.

But the protocol is also intended for transmission of real-time speed data. Thanks to a high encoder resolution (19 bit single-turn) and very fast cycle time (31,25 μs), the digital speed value given by the encoder can be used for accurate speed control in a closed loop.

One of the key features with DRIVE-CLiQ is that it simplifies the commissioning and configuration when setting up components in a system. Each unit has an electronic label with basic data like part number and technical specification. This way, the encoder is recognized by the system when installed and automatically set up according to its exact configuration. A DRIVE-CLiQ system also minimizes cable requirements. Up to five units may be connected to a hub for transfer of data over a common cable. This saves both cost and installation time.

As these encoders are intended for harsh environments where motors may be driven near their intended rating, the DRIVE-CLiQ encoder also supports local temperature monitoring by providing a connection for temperature sensors of the type KTY84-130. These sensors are capable of measurement over the entire operational range of the encoder and motor.


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