PLC Siplus S7-1500

Released October 16, 2013

Siemens Siplus S7-1500 PLC

The Siemens Industry Automation division introduces tough Siplus S7-1500 PLC for extreme environmental conditions. Features of the Siplus S7-1500 PLC are reliable operation under extreme medial loads such as humidity, corrosive vapors, salts or dusts. In an extended temperature range, the Siplus S7-1500 functions reliably during cold starts as well as in continual operation. This saves energy costs for the user because no additional air conditioning is necessary.

Robust, enhanced modules make it possible to safely use the system everywhere from offshore plants and harsh industrial environments up to applications at extreme altitudes. The PLC is protected against condensation and corrosive gasses, as well as aggressive and saline atmospheres.

The Siplus S7-1500 PLC has the same performance and efficiency characteristics as the Simatic S7-1500, the standard controller generation from Siemens. Its characteristic features include system performance and a host of functions integrated as standard, including Motion Control, security for maximum possible plant security, and safety for safety applications that are easy to implement.

Greater efficiency is represented in particular by the innovative design for simple commissioning and safe operation, the configurable diagnostic functions for the plant status and the integration into the TIA Portal for simple engineering and low project costs.


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